Is the dashcon a legit thing that's going to happen? My friends and I are iffy on it. (:

First, WTF IS THE NEW ANON ICON?!?! Now back to your regularly scheduled answer:

Hi! The short answer is yes. It’s as legit as a thing gets.

Now, let’s delve into the long answer, shall we?

First things first, I own it. Or, rather, I co-own it with Roxanne Schwieterman. Our names are jointly listed on an LLP filed with the state of Ohio in a very official manner. We do business as DashCon LLP. We are legally bound to each other and the business.

I suppose that doesn’t guarantee you that we’re going to hold the event, though. Let’s see if I can try harder. I’ll start with our venue. If you go to our room block link, it clearly refers to our event by name and date on their website. They don’t just do that without a legally binding contract and the exchange of money. A lot of money, if I’m honest. We’ve rented out the vast majority of their convention space and set aside nearly every room in their hotel. It wasn’t exactly cheap. It would be monumentally stupid of us to not have the event there AFTER we’ve given them money. In fact, when we were there this past weekend, we actually decided to contract a bit more space that we didn’t originally think was available during our event. So, we’re giving them even more money.

I may as well keep going, because I’ve already started. Steam Powered Giraffe. We’ve signed a contract with them, too. There is a monetary obligation there as well. We’re on their official calendar on their website, in case you’d like to check.

We’ve also paid Doug Jones to appear. We’re not yet listed on his calendar, but it’s currently only showing through Nov 2013. So, it’ll be there when they get it updated. Regardless, I signed the contract myself.

Badges… we’re selling them. Money is exchanging hands, and there is an obligation for us to follow through on the event for those who are attending. We don’t get to be like, “LOL MONEY! GOTCHA SUCKERS! KTHXBAI!” That’s not how the world works. People are paying us to attend an actual event, and there will absolutely be an event for them to attend. 

We’re contracting audio visual, printers, security, and a plethora of other services. We’re PAYING MONEY for all of these things. Anyone who thinks we’re making so much bank that we can afford to do all this while maintaining some ‘get rich quick’ scheme is actually delusional. Roxanne and I don’t even take salaries at this time. We’re essentially pouring thousands of hours of our time into this event for free, in hopes that we might be able to afford to take a small cut eventually. But only after we can ensure that we have enough to pay for DashCon 2015 first.

I don’t mean to be rude or abrupt. I don’t. But I don’t know why the bloody fucking hell it’s so hard to believe that an event is actually going to happen. I bought tickets to go see the Goo Goo Dolls and Matchbox 20 a while back and went about a month ago. I didn’t drive to the concert wondering if they were actually going to show up. I never once considered that it was all a ruse to take my money. That’s essentially what is happening here.

Before we started selling badges and announced our venue, people could be as skeptical as they wanted. I get it. Talk is talk. But there is irrefutable evidence that money is exchanging hands at this point. We’re giving people money, sometimes in large amounts. And other people are giving us money.

We spent all weekend in meetings at the hotel after having to rent a car and buy last minute plane tickets to do it. You can call the hotel ask them if they’re hosting DashCon in July. There are many people there who can tell you that they definitely are. We literally met with 7 people between Thursday and Friday, including the hotel’s GM. The sales manager remembered that I’m terrified of heights. 

I don’t think there’s anything I can say or do to make it clearer that this is real. It’s like nothing we ever do will be proof enough. And it’s frustrating. I know how hard we’re working. I know how stressed out I am. And it’s almost offensive to constantly be asked if it’s legit. I’m happy to explain why and how it is, but only if it’s not falling on deaf ears. So, please… if this isn’t enough to prove to you that we are legit, message me again with what additional proof you require. I just want to put whatever it is out there so people stop assuming, for some misguided reason, that we must be fake.

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