*hugs* :)

Thanks, Nonny. Always accepting those! *hugs back*

Yes, I’m alive!

Sorry, guys. I know I’ve been MIA. Life has been super hectic lately. I haven’t gone into hiding or left the internet or anything, though. I’ve just been hanging out in one of my safe spaces. I hope you guys understand. Still love you all. I just needed a break to sort through a lot of things.

On a separate note, I’m looking to make some extra cash before I inevitably move in a couple months (getting divorced). So, I’m offering to write (almost) anything for $0.01/word. Basically, $10 per 1000 words. Fic, short stories, college essays, speeches, whatever you want. I guess this is the equivalent of me opening commissions? But for writing, not art. My art isn’t quite good enough… if only. Anyway! If anyone’s interested, email me at megg33k (at) gmail (dot) com and we can talk about it.